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DistributionX is a bespoke supply chain consultancy providing tailored, client-focused advisory services.



Based in San Francisco, we have nearly 30 years of in-depth industry experience across North America and globally. We are not "management consultants".  We are operators.  We know commerce, both e-commerce and re-commerce.  We are multi-lingual...we speak operations, engineering, and technology.  We know systems – corporate systems and warehousing systems.  We are hyper-focused and super-passionate about warehousing, distribution, fulfillment.  We love process.


We live for elegant solutions: simple, scalable, sustainable. 

Our desire is to bring our Fortune 100 experience to your organization without the high upfront cost, constant salesmanship and fear-mongering often associated with hiring a typical consulting firm. The "X" is for experimental.  We are breaking the mold of what it means to be a "Supply Chain Consultant".  Our business is centered around the belief that businesses of all sizes deserve access to the best guidance and advice our industry has to offer.


Our clients range from venture-backed start-ups to the large global apparel companies.

We are leaders in supporting established and emerging technologies, including WMS, ERP and RFID. Our projects enhance supply chain lead time, reduce operational costs and improve inventory accuracy in retail and digital retail. We blend the technical and end to end processes while accessing our rolodex of Vendors, Suppliers, Solutions Providers

Distribution Systems

WMS Enhancements, Deployments, and Integrations

Inventory Accuracy

Supply chain accuracy, program design, intelligence and stabilization

3PL Integration

From RFP to program stabilization

Process Improvement

Helping you do more with less

Warehouse Automation

Requirements, Design and Implementation

Data Analytics

Making sure you ask the right questions

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Partners in life and business

Our stories began in the Midwest; Jess in Canada and Nate in the U.S.

Jess grew up in the suburbs of Toronto.  Adventurous from birth, she was active in various individual sports and spent her early years riding her bike to the local fishing hole.  As a young adult, Jess was active in the Royal Canadian Army Cadets as a Regimental Sergeant Major and (seriously) a trained sniper.  As a 2x Ironman triathlete (with too many 70.3 Ironman races to count), Boston Marathon qualifier and finisher of both the Randonnée Alpine and BCBR 7-day endurance cycling events, her passion for individual challenge and achievement is alive and well.

After completing her degree in Law and Security, Jess began her career in corporate loss prevention and took opportunities to move tangentially into related fields focusing on continuous improvement and finance where she has built and led global teams focused on corporate systems and inventory control.  By employing a keen understanding of analysis and performance measurement, Jess is laser-focused on bringing order to chaos and building sustainable programs with progressive technology.

Nate grew up in the small, rural town of Pleasantville (seriously).  It was there, toiling away in his Grandfather’s plumbing shop, that he developed an appreciation for working with his hands and a practical, pragmatic approach to life.  His parents fostered a curiosity for science and the arts as he evolved into a self-proclaimed “triple threat nerd”.

That passion for the arts, enjoyment of math and the sciences, and an appreciation for hard work and the people who perform it...well it meant he was a natural fit for Distribution and Logistics.  Nate has led, or supported, dozens of facility openings, expansions, and retrofits including both physical and system changes.  He has launched thriving 3PL partnerships, delivered impossible projects, and designed profitable recommerce programs. 

With more than 30 years of combined experience, Jess and Nate wear their non-traditional career paths as badges of honor.  They are partners in life and in business.  They love mountain biking and adventure travel and while they currently live on the West Coast, they haven’t forgotten where they came from.

We have worked with, and for, the best in the business – innovators and leaders in their field
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